Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To tell the truth.....today I lost it

This morning we were to go to the doctor. Note the use of the past tense.

First, it was the bath. She's not aware that it takes her nearly an hour to get dressed and that only if I'm running up and down the stairs, making sure that the lotion is lavishly used, and the appropriate clothes put on.

A few days ago, we had lovely 90 degree weather (we're from the tropics, so 90 degrees is lovely for us). Today however, the temperature has dropped precipitously and an adjustment to the clothing needs to be made. When you add to that the fact that I've finally started transitioning her wardrobe - switching cold weather clothes for warm - what you have is a recipe for disaster.

As always, I selected and put out the clothing for Mummy to wear. She put them on (not without some complaint, of course) and then, after calling the taxi, I check on her to find her ironing a totally inappropriate blouse because according to her, "I 'ent wearing no set of black clothes". Sigh.

Well, I lost it. I canceled the cab and the appointment. I simply didn't have the energy to have a tug-of-war with Mummy over clothes this morning and then have to be responsible for transportation, appointment, alimentation and all the necessaries associated with an outing. Not today. I've taken the day off.

If you're looking for us, we're at home. Chillin'.

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