Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There's a thing with Mummy and drawers.

One of the time fillers she seems to use is to move clothing around. So all my work from last week, moving winter clothes and washing winter clothes and bringing out the spring/summer wear and arranging it properly in her drawers must now be redone. Barbara has moved every single piece of folded clothing. The things in the closet have fortunately escaped her attention.

Sigh. Someone suggested to me last week that I should remove all the clothing save the pieces for the current week. I'm reluctant to do that for the simple reason that it will mean trekking down and up two flights of stairs, but it's really looking like I won't have too many choices. There is no controlling what Mummy is going to do in her down time. That being the case, I can either just leave her to it (and suffer the consequences when it's time to dress or select clothes) or I can move the clothing and add another activity to my schedule.

Thank God I'm currently between professional opportunities. But what'll happen when I get a job? Where's the energy going to come from to do all the necessaries?

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