Thursday, April 29, 2010

Par for the Course

Well, I gave in. After another tussle over what not to wear, I finally pulled the dress clothes out of the wardrobe and put them in the basement. It's just too much to keep trying to 'reason' with Mummy about what clothing is appropriate for what situation. So rather than keep pulling and tugging over it, I just pulled out the clothes and moved them to the clothing rack in the basement.

This is par for the course it seems. The nature of this illness is that with every passing day, some new area of reasoning disappears and so to cope, we must find work arounds. This is my work around. It's not a good one for me, since it will mean that I must either find clothing the night before (one more thing to be added to the 'things to do' list) OR I'm going to be running up and down two flights of stairs to bring the clothing up from the basement. I shouldn't complain I suppose. A little exercise never hurt anybody.

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