Friday, April 30, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

My mother has always been a sleeper, but this is getting crazy. It's 9:35am and she's been in bed since probably 9:00 last night.

Throughout my childhood, my mother always claimed that she couldn't rest sitting up. She had to lie down (and ultimately, sleep) to rest. As a child not much in need of rest myself, I simply accepted her explanation. Who was I to argue? As an adult though, I have often wondered whether my mother's need for 'rest' wasn't really some kind of escape from a life that hadn't turned out quite as she had hoped it would.

Fast forward a couple of decades. These days Mummy seems to be sleeping recreationally. I have to wonder how much of this is part of the disease and how much may be senior depression? Mummy is always the first to go to bed but that's not new. She has always been the first down. Nowadays though, she's not only first down, but last up. That part of the equation is definitely new as she used to be a very early riser.

I hear movement upstairs now, so she's awake. I'll give her a few minutes before I call her for breakfast. Mornings are tough.

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