Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just when you thought...........

Last night, Mummy went to bed without medication.  This will happen from time to time when something in the night time routine changes.  Last night, it was that we were having pizza for dinner.  Why that caused me to forget the drugs I'll never know, but so it was.  Funny thing is, she woke up this morning crystal clear (mind wise).  Oddest thing.  She got up early (I didn't have to wake her) and she went downstairs and got herself her first glass of water. 

Now, you have to understand that with my mother, the first thing she will usually reach for, is a cup of tea.  The thing has no nutritional value, but she's got some kind of addiction to it.  At any rate, this morning, she gets up and gets herself water.  And this after not having had any meds?  Oddest thing.

Anyway, we had a pretty good day but tonight the curtain fell.  First there was the matter of the reorganization of her drawers, one of her favorite time stuffers.  Then, there was the matter of the medication.  The meds were proffered but, thinking that we were still in the 'normal' zone, no oversight was provided.  When I turned to her not too much later to ask her to put in her eyedrop, she got up from the table, went to the sink and spat out what she had in her mouth.  After a couple minutes of investigating, we determined that she thought that she had put the eyedrop into her mouth.  Turns out, she had actually taken the second of her tablets and spat that out, thinking it should have been put in the eye.  I had noticed this kind of confusion before but never really worried too much about it.  The notion of eyedrop is for eyes and tablet is for the mouth, is breaking down.  These things are, after all, conventions, learned behaviors and Mummy is unlearning everything.  Clearly I should be concerned.  Mummy no longer knows the difference between an eyedrop and a tablet.  I'm guessing that going forward, I'm going to be putting those drops into her eyes myself and standing at her shoulder as she swallows the tablets.  So it is.

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