Monday, June 28, 2010

Weird Science

This is the weirdest ailment.

I was just re-reading an old post that talked about having fewer good mornings, but that's not where we are these days.  What I've come to terms with is the fact that Mummy wakes up slowly.  Some days it's almost 10:00 am before she emerges from her cocoon.  Perhaps it is that we are clearer about how to treat with the morning slowness but mostly, mornings are fine.  Not great, but fine. 

It may well be that since I'm 'between opportunities', I have the patience to simply proffer the necessary information and move on.  When she awakes, if she has to bathe and dress immediately, I'll just tell her what day it is and what's on the agenda.  Things only get really hairy when I'm rushing.  When I rush around, I either don't want to talk at all, or I want to be able to talk in short hand.  Short hand does NOT work for Barbs.  She needs enough information to formulate some sense of what is going on and what might be asked of her.

Today might be a particularly good day because we've just recently begun a Monday ritual of having a caregiver come by and take her to the nearby Senior Center.  If I were mobile, I might take her there a couple of times a week, but using the services of the caregiver gives me a break and gives her someone else to interact with - not a bad thing for either of us!

I'm no scientist, but I'm really thinking that the combination of the way we're insisting on quality food and the periodic (if infrequent) exercise and now the stepping out with Ms. Curtis (the caregiver) may be yielding some results.  The old English hymns we play on difficult mornings may also be a help. 

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