Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

For reasons I don't begin to understand, I can't tell you one bad thing that happened in 2012. Death and loss are a part of life, so those aren't necessarily 'bad'. They're hard, but not necessarily bad, so losses don't count. I'm still unemployed, but I'm not exactly looking. I'm still single, but again, I'm not exactly looking. And yet, I have my fair portion of good health and strength; I still have the energy to workout hard and the zeal to do so. Those are great things. God continues to give me new thoughts and ideas and just enough courage to try to bring one of those to market in 2013, so I'm grateful for that.

Life has certainly not been what I thought it would, but I'm finding that letting go of what I thought would happen is freeing me to just go with what IS happening. Obviously, what is happening isn't all sunshine and roses, but by Grace, I can and am managing. It ain't about to get any easier but again, by Grace, I can and will manage. The moves planned for 2013 will take me to the brink I suspect, but typically, when you stand on the brink the view is quite spectacular. I look forward to the view.

So here's to spectacular views in 2013. May life take you to the brink and may you be awed by what you can see and can do in the year ahead. To those friends we left behind in 2012, we bless their spirits and carry on in their memory.

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