Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Excuse me while I have a moment of doubt

Some weeks ago, in another post, I said something about being at a strategic inflection point, and the need to do something big and different if we were to be able to manage the financial challenges ahead. That remains true. What is also true is the risk inherent in taking action is significant. If I'm wrong, there's a lot on the line. We're already in the pass, so it's not like we have all this time to make corrections if I get it wrong. I really wish there were someone out there who could guide me. I am out here on entirely my own, and though I have successfully made big choices before, there are no guarantees that the next big choice won't fail miserably. There is a lot on the line, not just money wise but also time wise, peace of mind wise and there's not a lot of real help figuring out what to do, how to do it and how to minimize the risk.

This is truly insane, and because it matters, the stress level is great.

OK. Moment of doubt over. This will be just fine. I hope.

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