Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tick, tock, boom!

I'm thinking of changing my FB name to Timex. As in Timex - it takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'. Shock resistant! Sometimes, though, things that tick also go BOOM! Just sayin'.

Folks complain (not to me but to my sister apparently) that I'm too full of negative emotion. Venom. Anger. Vitriol. Whatever. Hm. They don't know how to reach me. The phone still works folks. As does email.

I wonder do these concerned parties call and express said concern directly to me? No. Does anyone call and offer me a day of relief? No. Do concerned parties send cards, flowers, emails even? No, no and no again. And then I have to hear that they are worried. Eh? You worried but you haven't told me? That's a weird kind of worry. You're concerned but you haven't called me. The only people calling here are the Dr. in AZ and the bill collectors. (One of the happy consequences of unpaid caregiving, this is why I keep telling ya'll to buy LTC insurance but I digress.) I'm not questioning your concern, I'm just wondering who you're really concerned about. Or maybe I am questioning your concern.

People don't want to hear my snarkeration. Got it. I wonder, would folk prefer I talk about my desperation (which is considered perfectly normal in times of extreme emotional stress) or my unarticulated wish that my mother would simply close her eyes? I didn't think so.  I have to vent. I have no one to talk to except for the Dr. in AZ and Sallie Mae. If you would prefer not to hear it, please don't read my posts or better yet, delete me. It will save me the trouble of trying to figure out who I'm upsetting. Just delete. It's OK. I won't take it personally. In a lot of respects, I've already been deleted. See? The opposite of snark is darkness. Who wants that?

Self-control is warranted, I'll grant you that, so I'll try and restrain myself from snark.

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