Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grateful trumps whiny

Some days we really just want to whine that life ain't fair and all that crap but listen, it really could be much worse. If you're still here you have a fighting chance at making something happen. I know a few folk who are not in the same happy position.

My mother has Alzheimer's disease. On the flip side of that, she's 75 years old and in great physical shape. OK so she doesn't have much muscle tone, but then she ain't competing in Ms. World or anything so it's kinda ok that she doesn't. What she doesn't have is a memory. She just can't remember stuff. Sometimes she doesn't know us, but we know her and surely that's enough? In all other respects, she's the model of good health. She takes no medication for high blood pressure, COPD, diabetes or anything else. She's in great health. That's enough.

This disease is a beast. Once again this week, Mummy was weeping over the loss of her parents.....some 26 and 13.5 years ago....because it was news to her. On the flip side of that, Mummy is alive and well (even if Granny and Daddy are not) and that is enough.

When it comes to whining, I guess I've got things I could whine about but in the grand scheme, I am blessed and highly favored. We all are. I just read the blog of a high school contemporary, a woman about 5 years younger than I, who has a debilitating ailment. I'm pretty sure there are times when she whines but in the main, she seems to take the lumps in her porridge and move on.

Maybe this is why we blog? As we write, we have to acknowledge that we are, in whatsoever estate we find ourselves, very lucky to be on this side of the chilly Jordan. Even if where we are is cold, lonely and downright scary, we're still in the land of the living and we still have a chance to make something good happen for ourselves or for someone else. That's something to shout about. Whining is for babies what with their limited emotional repertoire. Whining, bawling, screaming well, that's all they've got. I'd like to think adults know more and are able to do more.

So I recommend we all try to stay grateful, even when challenged, because grateful trumps whiny every time. I'm going to give it a real try myself.

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