Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hooks and Eyes


About a week ago, I went to have my shower and found that the end of the shower curtain was hanging.  Huh?  I know I haven't lost my mind, so I was struggling to figure out where the curtain hook might have suddenly disappeared to.  It wasn't on the floor, nor was it in the tub. It wasn't caught in the bath mat either, waiting to poke the life out of my foot.  Where the heck was it?  In the back of my mind though, I knew where it had gone.  It was going to be a while before I had proof, but I knew.

Yesterday, about 2 weeks later, I found the hook.  Mummy had taken it to hold some papers together.  I didn't bother to take it off her papers.  This is her 'thing' or one of her 'things'.  The pieces of paper.  Mummy had a career as a school principal.  There were many, many, many pieces of paper.  The bits and pieces probably make her feel connected to something important.  Whatever the need, who am I to take that away? 

The glasses are gone again.  A few weeks ago, they were left at a friend's house.  Fortunately, they were found and we went round there to collect them.  This time however, they may have been left at the Senior Center and since Mummy won't be back at the Senior Center for at least another couple of weeks, my guess is that this time, they're gone for good.  The problem with this of course, is that in the current fiscal emergency, replacements are going to have to wait a moment.  The downside of the waiting is that when we go to church and she can't read the bulletin or see the hymns, she cries.  What to do?  I can't manufacture a pair of glasses nor indeed the money to buy a pair, they just have to wait.  Fortunately, she doesn't generally remember her crying jags, so the distress is only momentary.  Imagine being thankful for a failing memory.  It's odd to be grateful for forgetfulness, but in this situation, we have to be. 

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